Industrial refrigeration equipment

Thanks to the experience acquired in almost forty years of activity, Madefrigor S.r.l. has established itself as a leading company in the design and manufacture of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment for the food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries. We work with many leading companies in Italy and the rest of the world, engaged in different sectors of the food industry, including “Cold Cuts&Meats”, with special focus on prosciutto plants; “Cheese&Dairy”, where we have designed special plants for the treatments and ripening of cheeses; and “Fruit&Vegetables”. Madefrigor is also engaged in the chemical/pharmaceutical sectors with refrigeration units dedicated to numerous different aspects.

  • Industrial refrigeration units
  • Turbo ventilated curing
  • Sanitizable air conditioning units with fibreglass
  • Prosciutto dry curing
  • Industrial refrigeration systems (food industry)
  • Industrial systems for drying (turbo)
  • Parmigiano-Reggiano curing
  • Curing homemade salami
  • Cell for meat
  • Portioning premises air-conditioning
  • Climate production department


  • Delivery and installation

    27 April 2017

    Madefrigor S.r.l. deals with planning and plans you need, but also with the delivery and installation. We have 6 qualified tecnicians in our staff and 5 externals teams, ready for every kind of docky...

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  • Testing Parmesan seasoning stock Madefrigor srl

    11 April 2017

    Madefrigor S.r.l. is almost ready to test a new warehouse for the ageing of Parmigiano Reggiano conteining about 370,000 forms. This warehouse is equiped with the Vertical Air System, adopted first b...

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  • Madefrigor Srl certified company

    07 February 2014

    Madefrigor is a certified company. Italian Presidential Decree no. 43 dated 27 January 2012 transposes the provisions of the EC Regulation which requires member states to enable a certification system...

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  • Madefrigor Srl incorporates CTM Refrigerazione Industriale Srl

    18 November 2013

    We are pleased to announce the new technical- commercial and structuring operation of the company Madefrigor srl which, since early November 2013, has incorporated the company CTM industrial refrigera...

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  • New Madefrigor website

    07 October 2013

    As and from today Madefrigor srl is online with a new-design and functional website,, an innovative tool that will allow us to extend our online presence to provide an increasingly m...

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  • Sanitizable air conditioning and energy saving

    01 October 2013

    Madefrigor Srl in collaboration with Colla Spa in the magazine "IL LATTE". Sanitizable air-conditioning and energy saving by Madefrigor in the new portioning, grating and packaging facility of the com...

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